GLOBECGlobal Ocean Ecosystem Dynamics
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Fieldwork for the Southern Ocean GLOBEC program, conducted between 2001 and early 2003, focused on a broad and relatively deep (300 to 400 meters) continental shelf region off the western Antarctic Peninsula, due south of the tip of South America, from Adelaide Island to Charcot Island.
The Southern Ocean GLOBEC cruises resulted in a number of "firsts.
The aim of the biologists aboard the GLOBEC cruises was to survey krill and other plankton in the water and map where their populations are.
When agencies earmark research funds for large programs like GLOBAL CHANGE, GLOBEC, JGOFS, RIDGE, BIODIVERSITY, etc.
The initial recruitment predictions were based on estimates of spawning and hatching abundances and life-stage mortality rates derived from the MARMAP and GLOBEC surveys (Tables 1 and 2).
2008) fecundity-length models because the fish were captured closer in time to the MARMAP and GLOBEC studies.
Table 1 Summary of nekton species analyzed for stomach contents from June and August 2000 and 2002 GLOBEC cruises in the northern California Current ecosystem.
Each survey consisted of a mesoscale grid along designated GLOBEC transects that had been monitored for several years and by fine-scale process sampling at stations of interest based on features observed in the physical environment (fronts or eddies) or by acoustic sampling conducted by two accompanying oceanographic vessels (RV Wecoma and RV New Horizon).
To contrast growth characteristics during 2000 in different latitudinal ranges of the California Current, we compared ocean growth rates of juvenile coho salmon south and north of Cape Blanco in the GLOBEC study area, and in the area from Newport, Oregon, north to northern Washington.
GLOBEC, 1994), the southern boundary of the Columbia area, and physical differences in the strength and duration of upwelling may affect the growth potential of Dover sole inhabiting these regions.
We might outline the following among the most traded issues: MTS-4, RZD-16, Gazpromneft-4, X5-1, FNC-8, Globecs MB-1, Moscow-49.