GLOBECGlobal Ocean Ecosystem Dynamics
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Fieldwork for the Southern Ocean GLOBEC program, conducted between 2001 and early 2003, focused on a broad and relatively deep (300 to 400 meters) continental shelf region off the western Antarctic Peninsula, due south of the tip of South America, from Adelaide Island to Charcot Island.
When agencies earmark research funds for large programs like GLOBAL CHANGE, GLOBEC, JGOFS, RIDGE, BIODIVERSITY, etc., the pool of funds remaining for support of innovative, individual investigator-initiated work in other areas is generally reduced (i.e., program-specific augmentations rarely surviving intact for multiple years).
Globec Report 22, Globec International Project Office, Plymouth Marine Laboratory, Plymouth, U.K.
As an example, Global Ocean Ecosystems Dynamics (GLOBEC) program investigators are studying the factors controlling recruitment in cod and haddock populations on Georges Bank, an important fishing ground off the New England coast.
He serves as chairman of the US GLOBEC (GLobal Ocean ECosystems) Georges Bank Program.
Global Ocean Ecosystems Dynamics (GLOBEC) surveys from 1995 to 1999, have provided abundance estimates of eggs and larvae, their transport patterns in the currents, growth and mortality rates, and prey and predators.
Ambient light levels on Heceta Bank were measured two weeks before the current study by the Plankton/ Bio-Optics group at Oregon State University during a Global Ocean Ecosystems Dynamics (GLOBEC) study of meso- and fine-scale physical and biological fields (Whitmire and Cowles, unpubl, data (3)).
Nekton were collected for diet analyses from Northeast Pacific Global Ocean Ecosystems Dynamics (GLOBEC) cruises during 29 May-18 June and 29 July-12 August 2000, and 29 May-18 June and 31 July-19 August 2002.
Abstract-Information is summarized on juvenile salmonid distribution, size, condition, growth, stock origin, and species and environmental associations from June and August 2000 GLOBEC cruises with particular emphasis on differences related to the regions north and south of Cape Blanco off Southern Oregon.
GLOBEC program as part of an initiative to understand the effects of ocean dynamics on salmon populations.