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GLOCGiga Lines of Code
GLOCGravity-Induced Loss of Consciousness (also seen as G-LOC)
GLOCGround Lines of Communication
GLOCGrupul de Lucru Al Organizatiilor Civice (Romanian: Civic Organizations Working Group)
GLOCGuardian Life of the Caribbean Limited
GLOCGeographic Location
GLOCGlasgow Light Opera Club (UK)
GLOCGet the Lead Out Coalition (Rhode Island)
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A ground assault convoy was scheduled to depart the intermediate staging base in conjunction with the airfield seizure, but the convoy had to traverse an enemy-controlled route, which required the deliberate clearing of two enemy urban strongholds in order to secure a GLOC.
Information to predict reduced flow through an MSR, gate, or GLOC must be drawn from less common sources.
Aiza caters to families while Gloc 9 is more appealing to the teenagers.
This is not for the first time that GLOCs has been closed.
In Manchester, a gun-toting member of MI6 - one of 100 known groups there - boasts in a video: "N***ers get shot with glocs here."
Grouped localities 2, 3, and 4 all formed subsets with Gloc 5, for 15 of the 16 characters tested.
For rapper Gloc 9, it will be the first time he will perform in the emirate and with his band.
Gwaith diddorol, yn enwedig y ffaith mai dim ond pum deial haul neu gloc haul sydd wedi eu cofnodi gan Gymdeithas Deialau Haul Prydeinig gyda'r ddihareb neu'r farddoniaeth yn Gymraeg.
In the June 2001 issue of Flying Safety, the friendly folks of the Air Force Safety Center (AFSC) Life Sciences team published an update on G-induced Loss of Consciousness (GLOC) trends within the Air Force.
Talking about the song, Gloc said, "Goodbye song ko ito sa rap na ginawan ko ng kwento na parang relationship sa isang babae (this is my goodbye song to rap, which I likened to being in a relationship)."