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GLOCGravity-Induced Loss of Consciousness (also seen as G-LOC)
GLOCGround Lines of Communication
GLOCGuardian Life of the Caribbean Limited
GLOCGeographic Location
GLOCGlasgow Light Opera Club (UK)
GLOCGet the Lead Out Coalition (Rhode Island)
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These issues continue to impact the ratings of GLOC and GGIL, which represent the core insurance entities within GHL, despite their consistent profitability and contribution to GHL.
The last engagement is the time of greatest risk for GLOC.
By 2006 and 2007, the Iraq CJOA petroleum concept of support had evolved into three strategic petroleum GLOCs entering Iraq from Turkey, Jordan, and Kuwait.
Best has assigned an ICR of "bbb-" to Guardian Holdings Limited (GHL), which is a publicly traded holding company for both GLOC and GGIL.
GLOC is an ever-present threat that demands respect.
Pascal a qualified chartered accountant who linked with the company from 1997 and has functioned as chief operating officer of GLOC since 2009.
This was about us listening to our customers' demands for alternative routings to the heavily trafficked Uzbekistan GLOC, and looking at the bigger picture throughout the region," said Dave O'Connor, FMN's Chief Operating Officer.
Sensitive items and oversized equipment are not authorized on the GLOC because of security concerns and height restrictions on bridges.
For future operations, the 595th will continue OIF and OEF deployments and redeployments, expanding the Port of Umm Qasr, Iraq, operations, expanding Iraq's Ground Lines of Communication with Jordan and Turkey, and providing enhanced ITV on the Pakistan GLOC.
This GLOC averages over 5,000 trucks in the transportation system on a daily basis* It extends from central Germany south through Turkey and crosses into northern Iraq through the only crossing point at the Turkey-Iraq border, the Habur Border Gate.
We also identified the tendency for roads and trails leading from the river to the GLOC to be key avenues of approach.