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GLOCGiga Lines of Code
GLOCGravity-Induced Loss of Consciousness (also seen as G-LOC)
GLOCGround Lines of Communication
GLOCGrupul de Lucru Al Organizatiilor Civice (Romanian: Civic Organizations Working Group)
GLOCGuardian Life of the Caribbean Limited
GLOCGeographic Location
GLOCGlasgow Light Opera Club (UK)
GLOCGet the Lead Out Coalition (Rhode Island)
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This sustainment enabled the battalion to push the attack at the forward edge of the battle area into known enemy areas before the GLOC was fully established.
An example of this is the closure of a GLOC due to local government no longer securing the area and allowing its people to protest.
Between FY97 and 01, the CAF reported hine GLOC incidents -- with a marked decrease in reported incidents in the last 2 years.
As you examine our battlespace you'll understand that although we have a handful of border crossing points coming in, there is currently only one GLOC [ground line of communication] out.
While GLOC is a lot less critical to a bomber puke like myself when flying a heavy, it's a subject near and dear to every high-performance fighter pilot and to those involved in training new pilots as well.
He said Pak-US relationship has improved steadily since the GLOC reopened in July 2012 when we resumed security cooperation with Pakistan's Army and concluded an agreement that permits two-way flow on the GLOC.