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GLODGeometric Level of Detail (computing)
GLODGreen Light of Death (type of Apple Macintosh crash)
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178) Glod, supra note 167; John Schwartz, After Decades in Prison, Cleared of Rape but Lacking Full Exoneration, N.
Both Sayles and Glod picked up a comment from survey archaeologist Susan Alcock, of Brown University.
Glod, himself a licensed pilot and control-tower operator, connects with people, the risk manager said.
The lawsuit in Manhattan was filed on behalf of two residents of Glod, a remote Romanian village whose gipsies were used as stand-ins for Kazakhs in the movie.
and others involved in the film exploited the plaintiffs and other Glod residents.
Glod, PhD RN CS FAAN, is a professor for the school of nursing at Northeastern University.
1) Jerry Markon and Maria Glod, "Giving Up a New Life for a Gang Death," The Washington Post, August 10, 2003, sec.
Study coauthors are Carl Anderson, PhD; Ann Polcari, RN; Carol Glod, PhD, and Perry Renshaw, MD, PhD, all of McLean Hospital; and Luis Maas, MD, of McLean Hospital and the Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology.
See Fern Shen & Maria Glod, Teen Arrested, Second Sought in Md.
The GAO's Diana Glod, who headed the inquiry, said the department wouldn't relinquish data involved in ongoing negotiations.