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GLODGeometric Level of Detail (computing)
GLODGreen Light of Death (type of Apple Macintosh crash)
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We'll have a little different approach this year," said Glod during his company's media day preview.
277) See Glod, supra note 245 (quoting the District of Columbia Attorney General as saying that the roadblock "was effective" because "[p]eople were coming in, using cars to shoot the place up and then escaping in their vehicles").
178) Glod, supra note 167; John Schwartz, After Decades in Prison, Cleared of Rape but Lacking Full Exoneration, N.
NCLB "has made accountability a national issue," said Margaret Goertz, "and it has certainly shined a flashlight--if not a floodlight--on low-performing schools and rural schools, where the achievement of low-performing groups would have been swept under the rug" (Eggen and Glod 2009).
Arneson, supra note 60, at 475-77; Glod, supra note
Roedd Raymond Bartley, cynghorydd sir yno: "Mae pawb wedi mwynhau'n arw a'r safon yn glod i bawb," meddai, "a byddai'n syniad trefnu cyflwyniad ar faes Eisteddfod Dinbych flwyddyn nesa.
Guideline for using the QuantiFERON TB Glod Test for the detecting Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection.
The residents of Glod, the small town in Romania where several scenes were shot, would probably answer "No.
MTBI is also virtually impossible to visualize on magnetic resonance imaging or computerized tomography (Mateo & Glod, 2003).
In the end, 2009 premiums went down, thanks in part to the client's near-spotless 2008 loss record, and in no small part due to Glod.
WILLIAM GLOD, "Liberalism's Case Against Legal Paternalism.
The dirt-poor Romanian village of Glod is home to Ionela Carmen Ciorobea, who works as barmaid and clerk at the supermarket-cum-tavern owned and operated by her mother and father.