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GLODGeometric Level of Detail (computing)
GLODGreen Light of Death (type of Apple Macintosh crash)
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He took you up to heaven were all your pain will end, good night glod bless sleep tight Mick, my very special friend.
Finnin Jonsson (1907) Gilchrist Brodeur (1916) Gefjun dro fra Gylfo Gefjun drew from Gylfi glod djuproduls odla, gladly the wave-trove's svat af renniiauknum freehold, raulc, Danmarkar Till from the running auka.; baru oxn ok beasts sweat reeked, to atta ennitungl, pars Denmark's increase; gingu fyr vineyjar The oxen bore, more- vidri vallrauf, over, eight eyes, gleaming fjogur haufud.
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Senator Kennedy, while praising the law as "one of President Bush's significant achievements," nonetheless added that "problems have emerged, and the new Congress has a responsibility to correct them" (Eggen and Glod 2009).
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Roedd Raymond Bartley, cynghorydd sir yno: "Mae pawb wedi mwynhau'n arw a'r safon yn glod i bawb," meddai, "a byddai'n syniad trefnu cyflwyniad ar faes Eisteddfod Dinbych flwyddyn nesa."