GLODAPGlobal Ocean Data Analysis Project (Seattle, WA)
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3l Analyis Project gov/oceans/glodap (GLODAP) Carbon Dioxide in http://cdiac.ornl.
Data from the GLODAP (Global Ocean Data Analysis Project) and CARINA (CARbon dioxide IN the Atlantic Ocean) databases were used to develop a C[O.sub.2]-data based "back-calculation" method that provides [C.sub.ant] concentration and inventory estimates in the SO region (>45[degrees]S).
CO2/ 3k2 Repeat Hydrography Program Ocean Carbon PACIFic ocean 3k2 Interior oceans/PACIFICA CArbon (PACIFICA) Database Global Ocean 3k2 Data Analyis oceans/glodap Project (GLODAP) Carbon 3k2 Dioxide in oceans/CARINA the Atlantic Ocean (CARINA) Ocean Atlantic http://www.noc.soton.