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GLOPGeneral Labeling of People
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It may not have a pretty name, but Glop can help glamorize deli and cheese case sales.
Not to mention you can weigh dead frogs, that mysterious glop of stuff on your boot, mustache hairs and other important stuff.
Mischief and Mayhem Week at Seven Stories: Horrid Henry is back to wreak havoc with messy craft activities including gruesome glop recipes and making mischievous motor cars to race on the Seven Stories track.
The spill workers staying at my motel later tell me they've been instructed by BP not to talk to media, but they're pissed because BP tried to tell them that the glop they were swimming around in to retrieve an oil-containment boom was red tide, dish-soap runoff, or mud.
The child's left hand was holding onto Daddy, his right hand was holding the remains of something soft, and his mouth was stuffed to bursting with glop.
It is definitely not a single, simple process for producing a uniform, aggregate glop.
It was a warm glop of watery rhubarb custard with what looked like spray whipped cream on top.
the company that will collect restaurant grease and deliver it to the refinery; gathers about 5 million gallons of glop a year from around New England, 20 times what this refinery can handle.
Putting magazine after magazine through a pistol non-stop is a sure way to make it hot, keep it hot and cover the interior with a pasty glop of powder residue, oil, dust and lint.
Instead, its legacy will be heaps of aluminum shower-stall parts; sun-cracked, faux-clay vinyl roofing tiles; cement-and-polymer hybrid siding advertised not to weather, but which does anyway as water infiltrates its nail holes; plastic and brass- or chrome-plated debris that once adorned facades and swimming pools; and lumps of polymer glop used to bind these items, that won't break down for thousands of years.
Let us imagine that half the resultant glop was sealed in cans and the other half dehydrated, extruded into kibble and packed in bags with brightly colored labels asserting the health benefits.