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GLOPGeneral Labeling of People
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She was beginning to concentrate on the tingles in her scalp coming from the glop on her head.
And along those lines, "Protein shakes have come a long way" since the days of chalky, flavorless glop, Willis says,
Recently, as if following the lead of the global-disaster cinema of the nineties and early aughts, literary fiction has vigorously returned to global extinction in stark, biblical works such as The Road or the glop and spume of Blake Butler's Scorch Atlas.
Put this green glop next to our normal ice cream, and it will make our normal ice cream seem as ambrosia, the mythical food of the gods, in comparison.
SKH, kolaylikla taninan, glop butunlugunun bozulmasi, blep icine kanama, skleral delinme gibi kanin goz icine gectigi durumlar disinda siklikla zararsiz bir durumdur.
It may not have a pretty name, but Glop can help glamorize deli and cheese case sales.
"'Casserole'," she liked to say, "is the French word for 'glop'."
Not to mention you can weigh dead frogs, that mysterious glop of stuff on your boot, mustache hairs and other important stuff.
"Our consumer research showed that women like moisturizing body washes, but not the 'glop' and 'grease' associated with them," said Janell Holas, brand manager, Dial and Dial for Men Body Wash.
Mischief and Mayhem Week at Seven Stories: Horrid Henry is back to wreak havoc with messy craft activities including gruesome glop recipes and making mischievous motor cars to race on the Seven Stories track.
It's already all up through the pass." The spill workers staying at my motel later tell me they've been instructed by BP not to talk to media, but they're pissed because BP tried to tell them that the glop they were swimming around in to retrieve an oil-containment boom was red tide, dish-soap runoff, or mud.