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GLOSGloucestershire (English County)
GLOSGrand Lodge of Scotland (Scotland, UK)
GLOSGreat Lakes Observing System
GLOSGraphics Language Object System
GLOSGlobal Sea Level Observing System
GLOSGladstone Light Opera Society
GLOSGuaranteed Level of Service
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Glos stepped around the thorny question of restarting Kozloduy's two reactors, closed on 31 December 2006 to comply with Bulgaria's Accession Treaty.
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(20) Long vowels before homorganic NS clusters: [ci:ndzu:] 'middle finger' /ci:-ndzu:/ Glo., p.
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[tca:ja] 'iron ladle' /tca:/ 'iron' +/ jg/ 'wooden pot ladle' Glo., p.
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