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GLOSSGlobal Sea Level Observing System (IOC)
GLOSSGlobal Language Online Support System
GLOSSGreat Lakes Outlaw Sprint Series (racing)
GLOSSGay and Lesbian Organized Sports Society (Lehigh Valley, PA)
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When the cloth had been removed, grace said and their hands washed, Don Quixote earnestly pressed Don Lorenzo to repeat to him his verses for the poetical tournament, to which he replied, "Not to be like those poets who, when they are asked to recite their verses, refuse, and when they are not asked for them vomit them up, I will repeat my gloss, for which I do not expect any prize, having composed it merely as an exercise of ingenuity."
"A discerning friend of mine," said Don Quixote, "was of opinion that no one ought to waste labour in glossing verses; and the reason he gave was that the gloss can never come up to the text, and that often or most frequently it wanders away from the meaning and purpose aimed at in the glossed lines; and besides, that the laws of the gloss were too strict, as they did not allow interrogations, nor
"I will explain myself another time," said Don Lorenzo; "for the present pray attend to the glossed verses and the gloss, which run thus:
When Don Lorenzo had finished reciting his gloss, Don Quixote stood up, and in a loud voice, almost a shout, exclaimed as he grasped Don Lorenzo's right hand in his, "By the highest heavens, noble youth, but you are the best poet on earth, and deserve to be crowned with laurel, not by Cyprus or by Gaeta- as a certain poet, God forgive him, said- but by the Academies of Athens, if they still flourished, and by those that flourish now, Paris, Bologna, Salamanca.
She could think of nothing better: and though there was something in it which her own heart could not approvesomething of ingratitude, merely glossed overit must be done, or what would become of Harriet?
In such marine shore-talk as this is the name of a ship slowly established, her fame made for her, the tale of her qualities and of her defects kept, her idiosyncrasies commented upon with the zest of personal gossip, her achievements made much of, her faults glossed over as things that, being without remedy in our imperfect world, should not be dwelt upon too much by men who, with the help of ships, wrest out a bitter living from the rough grasp of the sea.
It's also based on the Longitude trim but adds a gloss black grille, fog lights and window surrounds, dark badgework, 18-inch gloss black and aluminium alloys and a Night Eagle badge.
HHHH H 3 I HEART REVOLUTION CHOCOLATE LIP GLOSS, PS3 (Superdrug) THIS light, flattering pink smells like chocolate and feels creamy on the lips.
Therefore, gloss needs to be measured on a routine basis in the production process and the measurement results need to be documented for clear communication.
"Lip liner is essential for preventing your lip gloss from bleeding, and creating the illusion of fuller lips," advises Collection make-up artist Francesca Neill.
By mixing the low gloss and semigloss components, any desired gloss level can be achieved.