GLOTGerman Lords of Terror (online gaming group)
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They depicted the speech recordings by the feature spaces made up of MFCC, PROS, SPEC, and GLOT. Because males and females were modeled separately, the number of base classifiers for each classifier depended on gender.
As the food moves to the back of your throat, a special flap of skin called the epiglottis (ep i GLOT is) covers the opening of your airway so that food doesn't "go down the wrong pipe." Food is actively pushed down to the stomach by the muscles that ring the esophagus (i SOF eh gehs), the tube connecting the mouth and stomach.
And of course Burroughs's text would make explicit a thoroughgoing critique of authority, forcing recognition of his own complicity in the power of pedagogy: hence his routine satirizing the Professor of Interzone Universit y modelled on his old Harvard tutors Kittredge and Livingston Lowes; and, since he is "hustling himself," hence too the book's final refusal to satisfy a reader dependent on moral and meaning: "No glot. ...
Claudine Glot and Jean-Louis Pesteil (Paris: Le Labyrinthe, 1985), 253, 274.
The first impurity-doped Sn[O.sub.2] varistor was reported by Glot and Zlobin [3], and Pianaro et al.