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GLOVEGlobal League of Villainous Enterprises (fiction)
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I made another effort and tore the glove from the base of the thumb into the palm of the hand--and tried to hide the rent.
Both men were being helped into the gloves by their seconds, and one of Ponta's seconds came over and examined the gloves before they went on Joe's hands.
She wore no gloves. By degrees she grew aware that her hand had encountered something very soothing, very pleasant to touch.
"You are a plucky one, you." He patted her glove with his hand.
Each put on one nice light glove, and carried one soiled one, and all pronounced the effect "quite easy and fine".
Thomas, though she was I retail trade,' was permitted to see them and to `get ideas.' They were all generous, these travelling men; they gave Tiny Soderball handkerchiefs and gloves and ribbons and striped stockings, and so many bottles of perfume and cakes of scented soap that she bestowed some of them on Lena.
Albert Malvoisin, still holding Rebecca's glove in his hand, was speaking to Bois-Guilbert very earnestly, but in a low voice.
The cut of her dress from the waist upward, both before and behind, made her figure very like a boy's kite; and I might have pronounced her gown a little too decidedly orange, and her gloves a little too intensely green.
Only his hands, with which he kept his coat-skirts down round Nikita's sides, and his legs which the wind kept uncovering, began to freeze, especially his right hand which had no glove. But he did not think of his legs or of his hands but only of how to warm the peasant who was lying under him.
"Don't put on your glove yet, princess; let me kiss your hand.
"I must run home and get my things," said Polly, resolving on the spot to buy the nicest pair of gloves the city afforded.
They had seen him, in public, at the annual festival of the Christian-Pugilistic-Association, with "the gloves" on.
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