GLPKGNU Linear Programming Kit
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(3) For the interested readers, the GAMS code and sample data can be downloaded from; the MPS sample data to be used in conjunction with the GLPK solver can be downloaded from the same web page.
Alleles for each of 13 housekeeping genes (cya, gdhA, argH, glpK, gnd, murC, pgm, pknA, pta, pur, rpoB, hsp65, and secA1) were extracted and concatenated for each M.
The open-source GNU Linear Programming Kit (GLPK) was used to formulate and solve the optimization model.
Los problemas de programacion lineal de este trabajo fueron solucionados utilizando el paquete de software libre GLPK (Makhorin, 2011) con interfaz disponible para MatLab[R traves del paquete COBRA.