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Neighbor-joining phylogenetic trees constructed with 16S rRNA, flaB, p66, and glpQ gene sequences of Borrelia spp.
Detection of relapsing fever in human blood samples from Israel using PCR targeting the glycerophosphodiester phosphodiesterase (glpQ) gene.
Results demonstrated a clear seroconversion for predominantly IgG against GlpQ (Figure).
We amplified fragments of the 16S rRNA, glpQ and flaB using primers and PCR conditions as described previously (25,27,28).
Borrelia lonestari infection was determined by screening with a SYBR Green I assay that amplified and detected a portion of the glpQ gene.
miyamotoi infection required seroconversion in the convalescent-phase sample for antibody to GlpQ (15).
Immunoblots were also positive for antibodies against GlpQ, and the serum samples had the strongest reactivity to the Mt.
FJ868584), and 480 bp of glpQ (GenBank accession no.
The spirochetes observed in the squirrel's blood failed to grow in BSK-H medium after passage in the laboratory mouse; however, we acquired DNA sequences from infected squirrel and mouse blood from PCR amplicons for 6 spirochete loci including 16S rDNA, flaB, gyrB, glpQ, IGS, and vtp.
Cross-reactivity against other tick-borne infections in the Northeast also appears unlikely because the agents of Lyme disease, human granulocytic anaplasmosis, and Powassan virus disease lack a glpQ gene (15).