GLPTGlycerol-3-Phosphate Transporter (genetics)
GLPTGreat Lakes Persistent Toxics
GLPTGeneralized Longest Processing Time (algorithm)
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Furthermore, mutations in the transporter genes, uhpT and glpT, and genes encoding proteins regulating uhpT expression, such as uhpA, reduce the susceptibility to FOM [18, 19, 27-29].
A homology model was generated using the Protein Homology/ analogY Recognition Engine V 2.0 (PHYRE2) [40], which modeled the OATP1B1 sequence on the known structure of GlpT [41].
use DFFRA GLPT. All other level death benefit comparisons use CVAT
Chromosomal mutations in murA, glpT, and uhpT were investigated for 9 representative E.
Thrivent Variable $7,500 (years 1-10); Financial Universal $3,878.89 (year 11); for Lutherans Life II $5,569.79 (year 12); $7,037.39 (years 13+); premium cutbacks due to GLPT. United States Platinum Illustrations were Life of Investor VIP performed in the state NY (AIG) of New York (2.00% premium tax).
RBC Insurance RBC Index Enhanced Ten-Pay premiums shown (Liberty Life) Universal Life are the maximum allowed within GLPT limitations and are insufficient to maintain policy to maturity; lapses in year 60.
Life MetLife Guarantee F/G Used GLPT for the above Advantage UL scenario (2001 CSO) New York Life NYLIAC Pinnacle Footnote: * Minimum face amount UL AD104 F/G for Pinnacle UL is $1,000,000.
John Hancock Life Protection UL-G GLPT for increasing