GLRSGeorgia Learning Resources System (training centers network)
GLRSGeoscience Laser Ranging System
GLRSGreat Lakes Rabbit Sanctuary (Whittaker, MI)
GLRSGeodynamics Laser Sensing System
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Both D-Ser and GLRs are key molecular players in cell-cell communication in the animal central nervous systems, at various levels - they play a central role in memory and learning processes in the brain, and have been implicated in a wide range of neurodegenerative diseases such as multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer, Huntington's disease and others.
The researchers used an extensive combination of genetic, pharmacologic and electrophysiological techniques to reveal the role of glutamate receptor-like (GLRs) genes and D-serine in pollen grains, and their physiological impact on plant reproduction.
GLRS ANN DENHAM, JOHN SMITHSON, LINDA WILKINSON Almondbury ward Liberal Democrat councillors
When fired, the Babylon II GLRs would have been protected from blast by a base place assembly fitted behind their motors.
Prepared by the Brussels-based Space Research Corporation (SRC) headed by the late Canadian ballistics expert, Gerald Bull, the documents suggest that most progress had been achieved with a 3.6 metre long projectile designated the Babylon II Ground Launched Rocket (GLR), which was to have had a payload of 22 kilogrammes.