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GLSLOpen Graphics Library Shading Language
GLSLGL Shading Language
GLSLGreat Lakes Soccer League (Canton, MI)
GLSLGround Level Scissor Lift (equipment)
GLSLGreen Light Stimulated Luminescence
GLSLGreater Louisville Soccer League (Kentucky)
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Accelerated processing is performed via compute shaders, which are written in GLSL. Due to the pipelined nature of OpenGL, most of its operations are performed in the background, while the main CPU can perform other tasks [25].
The mobile GPU transmits the image data processed by GLSL operations to a frame buffer for output on a device screen.
Sample materials were obtained from operational biomass trial sites in the GLSL region in eastern Ontario.
Vulkan also shares some other similarities with OpenGL, including graphics pipeline stages, GLSL shaders (sort of) or nomenclature.
In addition to legacy fixed-function pipeline materials, programmable Pixel and Vertex Shaders, ARB Fragment and Vertex Programs, HLSL and GLSL materials are supported.
Kernels are written in specialized shading languages such as C for graphics (Cg) [14], high level shader language (HLSL) [16], and OpenGL shading language (GLSL) [24].
The series, designated GLSL, is the third and smallest of the directional couplers wound on dual aperture ferrite cores from the company.
Complete, customizable shaders are provided - and no GLSL coding is required.
The compute shader in GLSL 4.3 which helps to access the GPU resources, is used to parallelize the operations of existing deformable object simulation systems.
The extension introduces a new GLSL built-in function, beginFragmentShaderOrderingINTEL(), which blocks execution of a fragment shader invocation until invocations from previous primitives that map to the same xy window coordinates have completed.
For application programmers wanting to write shaders, this guide to the OpenGL Shading Language (GLSL) explains the basics, how to use the language, shader examples (including noise, animation, imaging, procedural, and non-photorealistic shaders) and algorithms, and compares it to other commercial shading languages.
The FastBlurs sample demonstrates this optimized Gauss filter implementation and contains GLSL shader code generator (in GaussianBlur.h) to generate any custom kernel size.