GLSSGhana Living Standards Survey
GLSSGlabellar Line Severity Score
GLSSGreat Lakes Singlehanded Society (St. Clair Shores, MI)
GLSSGeneva Lake Sailing School (Fontana, WI)
GLSSGlobal Litigation Support Services
GLSSGround Launch Support System
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Operating profit increased approximately $35 million for sensors and global sustainment programs due to $65 million of charges recorded in the second quarter of 2018 which did not recur for performance matters on the Warrior Capability Sustainment Program and higher volume (primarily SOF GLSS and Apache), partially offset by current period charges of $30 million for performance matters on an international military program and lower risk retirements (primarily Low Altitude Navigation and Targeting Infrared for Night (LANTIRN[R]) and Sniper Advanced Targeting Pod (SNIPER[R])); and about $15 millionfor tactical and strike missile programs due to higher volume (primarily precision fires).
However, that increase is up to a certain OLR, beyond which there occurs sludge bed flotation and excessive foaming in the gasliquid-solids separator (GLSS); therefore a range of optimum OLR is usually recommended for a given temperature range and wastewater [108].
Chromatography is the most widely applied method for the analysis of GLSs. In particular, HPLC with ultraviolet or diode array detection (LC-DAD) [15-19] and LC coupled with mass spectrometry (MS) [20-30] have many applications.
The GLSS contract will encompass a wide range of support solutions for the USSOCOM including maintenance and sustainment services, with the winning bidder reporting directly to the Programme Executive Office for Special Operations Forces Support Activity.
Whilst the paper admits that there has been an update in the list of drugs and services covered under the scheme since 2005/2006 when the GLSS V was collected, there is still the need to update the coverage of drugs to induce enrolment in the NHIS.
Moreover, GluCer contributes to the physical properties and physiological functions of membranes and serves as the precursor for hundreds of species of GLSs found in different mammalian cell types.
Similarly, Boozer and Suri (2001), use cross-sectional data from Ghana Living Standard Survey (GLSS) for 1988/89 on 3374 households, and apply Ordinary Least Squares (OLS) estimator in investigating the choices involved in the tradeoff between child Labour and school attendance in Ghana.
Ghana Living Standards Survey: Report of the fifth round (GLSS 5).
Gas Liquid Solid Separator (GLSS) device made of square pyramid with bottom dimensions, 80 mm x 80 mm and side slopes of 50[degrees] was provided at the top to facilitate the separation of gas and biomass and effluent.
This CONOPS will also integrate the NAVSUP global logistics support strategy (GLSS) and describe the interrelationship of the regional FISC organization in support of PACFLT operational units.