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GLTAGood Luck to All
GLTAGay and Lesbian Tennis Alliance
GLTAGovernment Land Transport Agency (Hong Kong)
GLTAGay and Lesbian Tennis Association
GLTAGuardian Laser Transmitter Assembly (US Air Force)
GLTAGreater Laconia Transit Agency (New Hampshire)
GLTAGlued Laminated Timber Association (UK)
GLTAGreater Lapeer Transportation Authority (Michigan)
GLTAGrooters, Leapaldt, Tideman Architects (St. Cloud, Minnesota)
GLTAGloucestershire Lawn Tennis Association (UK)
GLTAGreater Laconia Transit Authority
GLTAGeneral Labour and Trades and Allied Services and Audio Visual Group (Canada)
GLTAGuangdong Lychee Technical Association (China)
GLTAGerman Language Teachers Association
GLTAGlobal Long Term Agreement
GLTAGuided Listening Thinking Activity
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After aligning the sequences obtained for the segment of gltA with the corresponding sequences of other Rickettsia species available in GenBank, we determined that all sequences of larvae and nymph ticks belonged to the genus Rickettsia.
sanguineus ticks from Yucatan (KC469610.1, JX198506.1), based on the obtained gltA gene fragment.
Las condiciones del termociclador Select Cycler II (Select BioProducts [R], USA) para amplificar el gen gltA fueron las siguientes: un ciclo a 95[grados]C durante un minuto, 35 ciclos conformados por tres procesos: desnaturalizacion a 95[grados]C (20 segundos), alineacion de iniciadores a 48[grados]C por 30 segundos, una extension a 60[grados]C (2 minutos) y otra extension final a 72[grados]C (1 min).
The Laircm Phase II programme produced a smaller and lighter jam head, called the Guardian Laser Transmitter Assembly (GLTA), which Northrop Grumman began to deliver to the Air Force in late 2008 alongside the NexGen MWS.
The Goa Liquor Traders Association ( GLTA) has warned of boycotting Kingfisher beer, manufactured by Mallya's United Breweries, alleging that the company was cheating the state government of up to ` 3.5 crore in VAT every year by not including the bottle deposit cost in the MRP.
It is expected that the Great Lakes Renchless Association (GLTA) will slightly modify the standard to suit the purpose of its members and use it in the Great Lakes region." (In 2013, the Ohio Horizontal Directional Drilling Association is making the transition to the Great Lakes Trenchless Association.)
Australia's largest gay and lesbian tournament is part of the GLTA World Tour and will cater to all grades and is open to men and women in Doubles, Singles and Mixed Doubles.
The detainees, Rahim and Ziarat, said they had been hired by the owner of the truck (GLTA 2693).
Phylogenetic analysis of spotted fever group rickettsiae based on gltA, 17-kDa, and rOmpA genes amplified by nested PCR from ticks in Japan.