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GLUGlutamic Acid (amino acid)
GLUGlutamate (amino acid)
GLUOpen Graphics Library Utilities
GLUGod Lives Underwater (band)
GLUGenerateur de Liens Uniformes (French)
GLUGPS Landing Unit
GLUGirl Like Us
GLUGraphics Language Utility
GLUGroup Logic Unit
GLUGame Launching Utility
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Glu Mobile still expects the launch of two other titles in 2020, including "Originals" and the next release from the "Deer Hunter" franchise, Pachter said.
In the second phantom study, we measured the CEST signals of 15 data sets (5 amplitudes x 3 durations) at 3.5, 3.0, 2.0, and 1.0 ppm for Nic, Glu, Cre, and Glc signals, respectively.
Since the GABA concentrations of the schizophrenia group and the comparison group were non-normally distributed, and were expressed as medians 1.90 (Q1=1.55, Q3=2.09) and 2.16 (Q1=1.87, Q3=2.59) respectively; the medians of Gln concentrations were 0.36 (Q1=0.00, Q3=0.74) and 0.29 (Q1=0.00, Q3=0.59); the mean Glu concentrations were 6.07 (2.48) and 6.54 (1.99); the between-group difference of the GABA concentrations was statistically significant (z=-2.95, p=0.003); the between-group difference of Glu and Gln was not statistically significant; further ratio analysis suggested that the between-group difference of the GABA/(NAA+NAAG) was statistically significant (z=-2.72, p=0.012).
An excess of GLU activity can be neurotoxic and can lead to brain damage.
As shown in Figure 1, after treatment with GLU + MGO for 24, 48, and 72 h, the viability of PC12 cells significantly decreased with time compared with treatment with GLU or MGO only (P < 0.05).
Six wheat genotypes namely GLU 1101, GLU 1356, GLU 2001, GLU 700, PH132-4836 and PH132-4840 (Table 1) were raised in the experimental area of Department of Plant Breeding and Genetics, Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana (30.91N, 75.85E and 252 m asl), India.
NOx, LA and GLU levels (in rest period) of the participants were determined in the blood taken from their fingertips.
In this study, various combinations of the optimal concentration of Gln, Glu, GlyGln and AlaGln were used to examine the effects of mTCM-199 on IVM for 44 h, the effects of mTALP on IVF for 6 h and the effects of mNCSU-23 on IVC for 168 h.
The activity of GLU in supernatants of serum and urine, was determined in duplicates by the colorimetric determination of p-nitrophenol released from p-nitrophenyl-[beta]-D-glucopyranoside (Sigma, USA) [14].
Glu has developed as an industrially important amino acid for its ever-increasing demand as taste enhancer and is produced by microbial fermentation (Ghosh and Sen, 1996; Sano, 2009).
11 January 2011 - Roth Capital Partners has been hired book-runner for Glu Mobile Inc's (NASDAQ:GLUU) common stock offering, the US mobile games developer said.
The GLU initiative focuses on developing early literacy skills in children from birth through second grade.