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GLVGreen Leafy Vegetables
GLVGalveston (Amtrak bus station code; Galveston, TX)
GLVGas Lift Valve (energy production)
GLVGrating Light Valve
GLVGroupe Laperriere & Verreault Inc. (Montreal, Canada)
GLVGreater Lehigh Valley (Pennsylvania)
GLVGemini Launch Vehicle (spacecraft)
GLVGet Latest Version (computing)
GLVGolovin, AK, USA (Airport Code)
GLVGeneral License Limited Value
GLVGeneral Law Village
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Most of the radiomic features exhibit CV less than 25%, except for GLIH-based kurtosis and GLZSM-based GLV which assumed, respectively, a value of 70% and 43%.
GCC analysis included measurements of overall thickness, upper and lower quadrant thickness, as well as global loss volume (GLV) and focal loss volume (FLV).
Phylogenic analysis of the RdRp region of IMNV with other viral sequences allowed its classification as a member of the family Totiviridae and its similarity with the sequence of the Giardia lamblia virus (GLV) indicates that the IMNV is a member of this family, able to infect invertebrates (Poulos, 2006; Nibert, 2007).
Teste das hipoteses ([H.sub.o]) utilizando-se o teste de qui-quadrado Modelo GLV (v) [[ji al cuadrado] [[ji al cuadrado] .sub.(0,01,;3)] .sub.calculado] Copace 6 - 3 = 3 11,345 9,09 (NS)
ASIF IQBAL DOHA THE global light vehicle (GLV) market will continue to be dependent on aluminium and in 2012, GLV sales are holding in positive territory.
Christ Water is in the process of being acquired by Canadian water treatment company GLV (TSE:GLV.B).
Three mold fungi, Aspergillus niger ASN 5131, Rhizopus javanicus RHN 32, and Gliocladium (Trichoderma) virens GLV 9645, were inoculated on 2 percent malt extract agar (20 g of malt extract and 20 g of Bacto agar in 1 liter of distilled water) in petri dishes at 23[degrees]C for 3 weeks before inoculation of the specimens.
Police appealed for anyone who saw the digger and a black Ford Transit van, registration number BW57 GLV, travelling in convoy between Handsworth Cemetery and UAE Bank between 4.25pm and 5.20pm on January 12.
We have observed that berries afflicted with grape leafroll virus (GLV) have higher MP levels at harvest, likely because of delayed maturation.
In a proof of principle trial, we studied the effect of oral vitamin B12 (500 microg) and/or 100 g cooked green leafy vegetables (GLV) every alternate day in a 2x2 factorial design over a 6-week period.
Eimco Water Technologies, part of the GLV Group, is a global engineering firm that delivers sustainable engineered solutions to the water industry both in the industrial and municipal sectors.
"There's a great potential for us to grow in this market as power and water shortages are on the rise," said Aftab Patel, regional sales manager - Middle East for Eimco Water Technologies, a unit of Canada-based GLV Company.