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GLZGeneralized Linear Model
GLZGaley Zahal (Israel Defence Forces radio literally meaning: waves)
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Banking partner Dr Jens Glz, who joined the Frankfurt office of Simmons & Simmons in February 2019, comments on the financing: "This complex transaction reflects the current market needs of project developers in Germany and throughout Europe.
GLZ analysis of the influence of habitat types, number of birds, year of study and localities on the number of species reflected the significant effect of six variables; three habitat types, number of birds, year of study and study area location (Table 2).
Results of GLZ analyses of species richness and the total numbers of birds in relation to habitat type, year and study area location (and number of birds for species richness analysis).
toweri showed correlations in its three stages through analysis GLZ.
To identify the variables that best predicted changes in the abundance of edible dormice, we built logistic regressions based on Generalized Linear Models (GLZ, McCullagh & Nelder 1989) in which the response variables per every nest box were counts of: i) the number of captured adult males and females (entered in model as "adult"), ii) the number of captured juveniles and yearlings (entered in model as "immature").
Modelling was repeated per every response variable (total adults, and total immature individuals) per two years (2010 and 2011) of sampling, totalling four independent GLZs. We did not consider interactions between predictors or their polynomials to avoid generating sub-models that might be biologically implausible, as well as obtaining potentially spurious results due to the "problem of too many models" (Burnham & Anderson 2002, Grueber et al.
A car drive in the morning and midday peak and in the afternoon from monday to thursday and on friday, Firstly using a sl bus and secondly using two glz buses.
Tenders are invited for Conduction of energy audit (energy audit) of jsc "glz" centrolit "
3) development of the energy passport of JSC "GLZ" Tsentrolit "
Limited Tenders are invited for Res Mtl Glz Axial 1M 5 0.5W 200Ppm - 2000.000 No
Contract notice: Glz 063-15: intervention "the phase of fiber optic cabling in the industrial areas of the consortia and industrial districts of friuli venezia giulia."
Contract notice: Glz 093-14 race for the establishment of a framework agreement for the maintenance and technical assistance at the fiber-optic infrastructure being part of the network hermes for 36 months