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GLZGeneralized Linear Model
GLZGaley Zahal (Israel Defence Forces radio literally meaning: waves)
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GLZ analysis of the influence of habitat types, number of birds, year of study and localities on the number of species reflected the significant effect of six variables; three habitat types, number of birds, year of study and study area location (Table 2).
Results of GLZ analyses of species richness and the total numbers of birds in relation to habitat type, year and study area location (and number of birds for species richness analysis).
The advanced texture subsystem of the TDZ's GLZ graphics card, with up to 32 megabytes of texture memory, performs true trilinear mipmapped texturing, resulting in enhanced photorealism that is critical to advanced supercomputing applications such as digital terrain modeling.
With the power of Pentium Pro processing, and OpenGL rendering acceleration in Intergraph's GLZ graphics boards, the TDZ brings intense 3D rendering power to the supercomputing arena.
has certified the full line of Intergraph TD and TDZ workstations -- from the cost-effective Intel- and Windows-based TD-10 for the entry-level mechanical user who needs workstation performance -- to high-end RISC/UNIX-class TDZs, which feature Intel 133-MHz Pentium or recently announced 150MHz Pentium Pro processors; GLZ OpenGL-based graphics boards to accelerate 3D rendering, geometry, and texture mapping; and the Microsoft Windows NT Workstation operating system.
To meet the rigorous demands of the mechanical CAD user, TD and TDZ workstations combine the power of Intel's Pentium and Pentium Pro CPUs with advanced GLZ 3D graphics engines that, at rendering speeds of 500,000 3D triangles per second, run 50 percent faster than SGI's XZ graphics cards.
Engineered specifically for the 200-MHz and 150-MHz Intel Pentium Pro processors, the TDZ-300, TDZ-400, and TDZ-600 include single, dual, or quad Pentium Pro processors, respectively; Intergraph's advanced GLZ OpenGL-based 3D graphics accelerators; and the workstation-class Microsoft Windows NT operating system.
Coupling Intergraph's advanced GLZ graphics accelerators that achieve 500,000 triangles per second graphics speed with the Pentium Pro processor's 366 SPECint92 and 283 SPECfp92 rate per processor, the TDZ attains performance heights previously unknown to the Intel platform.
Support of OpenGL, enables computer-aided design (CAD) software to take advantage of high-performance graphics hardware accelerators, such as the GLZ and GLI graphics systems offered by Intergraph or other vendor's OpenGL graphics cards.
Intergraph's visualization software is poised to take advantage of the growing availability of high-performance OpenGL graphics systems, such as Intergraph's GLZ and GLI cards, AccelGraphics and GLINT(TM)-based solutions, and to continue its role as a leader in the computer graphics industry.
The TD-5 offers G91, GLZ and GLI graphics accelerator options.
We assumed a negative binomial distribution and a log link function for the response variables and we performed independent GLZs per each response variable and year of study.