GM3Gunner's Mate Third Class (USN Rating)
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To assess the ganglioside pattern distribution of hTSCs, cells were metabolically radiolabeled with the sphingolipid precursor [3-[sup.3]H]-sphingosine and quantitatively analyzed by HTPLC coupled with a radiochromatoscanner, as described in "Materials and Methods." The ganglioside distribution in proliferating hTSCs was as follows: GM3 (30.79% [+ or -] 7.85), GM2 (2.53% [+ or -] 2.33), GM1 (7.28% [+ or -] 2.94), GD3 (43.83% [+ or -] 19.35), and GD1a (4.71% [+ or -] 2.80), with GM3 and GD3 being the main gangliosides (Figure 1(a) and 1(b), T0).
Our brick wall suddenly feels very flimsy." (GM3) "We must think of future generations.
Biphasic effects of exogenous ganglioside GM3 on follicle-stimulating hormone-dependent expression of luteinizing hormone receptor in cultured granulosa cells.
Of the six pillars of the quality of governance, the European Commission chose four for the construction of the EQI: Voice and Accountability (GM1), Government Effectiveness (GM3), Rule of Law (GM5) Control of Corruption (GM6) [4], [26], [11].
In the case of the GSLs in malignantly transformed cells, the expression of gangliosides, sialic acid-containing GSLs, is enhanced.(11,12) In particular, gangliosides GM3 and GD3 are characteristic of many aggressive tumors such as melanomas and neuroblastomas.
Human IgM monoclonal antibodies (mAb) to ganglioside GM3 (L612) (13), ganglioside GM2 (L55) (14), and ganglioside GD2 (L72) (15) were developed by R.I.
To assess the prognostic role of 14F7 Mab immunoreactivity, against N-Glycolyl GM3 ganglioside, in patients with colon cancer (CC) and to evaluate the relationship between its expression and clinicopathological features.
All the three replicates of ten groups like GM1 (50 g grasshopper/kg of total feed), GM2 (100 g grasshopper/kg of total feed), GM3 (150 g grasshopper/kg of total feed), FM1 (50 g fish meal/kg of total feed), FM2 (100 g fish meal/kg of total feed), FM3 (150 g fish meal/kg of total feed), SM1 (50 g soybean meal/kg of total feed), SM2 (100 g soybean meal/kg of total feed), SM3 (150 g soybean meal/kg of total feed), and reference diet (R) were kept in California-type battery cage which provides 200-square-centimetre area per bird.
Nevertheless, other investigations showed that macromolecules bearing unshielded negative charges, namely, the ganglioside GM3, a sialic acid synthetic derivative, and a GM1 semisynthetic compound, increase the blood circulation time of sub-200 nm liposomes in mice [63].
Gangliosides are predominantly enriched in the plasma membranes of neurons and axons; however, they are also minor components of myelin (~0.1-0.3% w/w), with GM3, GM4, and GD3 occurring most commonly in myelin [84].
In previous studies, GM3 was the predominant ganglioside found in pre-B lymphoma cells and B-cell neoplasms using over-pressured thin-layer chromatography (OPTLC) followed by scanning densitometry and high performance thin layer chromatography (HPTLC) and immune thin layer chromatography (ITLC), respectively.
All glucose based media differ from each other slightly in composition, so are named as GM1, GM2, GM3, GM4, GM5 and GM6.