GMASGeorgia Milestones Assessment System
GMASGlobal Military Aircraft Systems
GMASGrid Medical Archive Solution (IBM Healthcare)
GMASGreenock Medical Aid Society (UK)
GMASGreater Manchester Ambulance Service
GMASGive Me a Second
GMASGas Measurement Accounting System (natural gas pipeline operations auditing software)
GMASGround Munitions Analysis Study
GMASGround Mobile ADP System
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Also present during the signing ceremony were GMA International Affiliate Development and Marketing Manager Josh Andowitt, and GMA artists Christian Bautista, Julie Anne San Jose, and Mika Gorospe.
welcomed the SCE partnership signing with GMA International as a proof of the high level of trust between the Philippine Government, through the Consulate, and the private sector in line with the private, public, and community partnership objective of the SCE movement.
He added that GMA International is an important outlet that provides both news and information as well as entertainment to Filipinos all over the world.
Randy joined GMA in 1982, when its three employees were engaged solely in selling used mailroom equipment.
Bruce joined GMA two years after Randy and eventually rose to production manager.
"We get along okay because we are not in the same market," Bruce said, downplaying the underdog image Valley highlighted as part of its marketing strategy against GMA, a company at least 10 times Valley's size and whose success led to its acquisition by the Swiss giant Muller Martini in 1992.
The GMA guarantees an ongoing availability of spare parts with a no-risk turn-around time, simplified logistics due to the unique interface offered by ATR, a GMA contract and of course unbeatable quality of services.
Liquid monomers (GMA and/or St) and peroxide were premixed with iPB-1 (40 g) at room temperature for about 15 min so as for them to be absorbed by polymer powder.
Only the monomers as St, GMA, homo- and copolymer of GMA, and St could solve in acetone.
FTIR was used to measure the relative amount of grafted GMA onto iPB-1.
Antimony oxide ([Sb.sub.2][O.sub.3]) was shown to catalyze the reaction between GMA and PET end-groups (20) and was added to all blends at a concentration of 0.5 wt%.
Interestingly, both GMA grafted PPs display similar molecular characteristics and therefore seem to differ only in their GMA grafting density.