GMATSGlobal Maritime and Transportation School (USMMA)
GMATSGround Minuteman Automatic Test System (Teradyne, Inc.)
GMATSGovernment Metropolitan Area Telephone System
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DU made its admissions standards more stringent, demanding higher GMAT and TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) scores to increase the quality of its program.
In general, the principal conclusions of this body of research are fairly consistent in that the GMAT score, the undergraduate GPA, and work experience are the variables typically found to be most useful.
Admission requirements for students during this period were consistent so that all new students had to pass the same threshold requirements for the undergraduate GPA and GMAT scores.
Seven variables--Admit_Age, Delay_MBA, GPA, GMAT, Yrs_With_Employer, Level_1_Classes, Transfer_Courses--are numeric (N).
The study used traditional data, including GPA and GMAT scores.
Perhaps the most surprising result was that the traditional indicators of success, GPA and GMAT scores, played no significant role in the classification results.
In particular, applications with missing information (categorized as unknown in the analysis) were the most likely to be no-shows, even though they met the threshold GPA and GMAT requirements for admission.
It also makes a strong case for the collection and analysis of dummy variables to complement the more traditional use of purely numeric data such as age at time of admission, GPA, and GMAT scores.
of years between completion of undergraduate degree and MBA admission GPA N Under graduate grade point average GMAT N GMAT score Yrs_With_Employer N No.