GMAVGenus Mean Acute Value
GMAVGruppo Modellisti Alto Verbano (Italian: Modelists Group, Alto Verbano)
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I also wanted to consolidate the pilots of the GMAV and Raven into one vehicle, thereby making the team highly mobile and capable of being attached out to supplement any operation.
It not only transformed the vehicle into a mobile control platform for the Raven and GMAV but also acted as a broadcast platform.
This is where the video-producing platform (GMAV or RAVEN) is connected.
The VCM relays the video feed from the Raven or GMAV to the UAV employment vehicle.
GMAV or Raven video is transmitted to the UAV employment vehicle and other locations following the paths shown in Figure 1.
On numerous occasions, ROZ and flight plans have been cancelled due to misunderstandings of the GMAV's capability.
Red Platoon of B/2-112 IN conducted a security halt, around the UAV employment vehicle, and my Soldiers set up the GMAV. We launched, and immediately flew the route of the counter-IED patrol.
The platoon arrived, set up an outer cordon, and the UAV team quickly set up the GMAV and began to conduct their operation.
A command or TACP variant Stryker should be dedicated; the manning requirement would be a driver (11B), vehicle commander (11B), a ground controller, two pilots trained on both the GMAV and Raven UAV systems (11B), and a communications specialist (25B).
New prototypes of the Raven and GMAV will roll off the production line frequently as the Army's use of UAVs matures.