GMBHGGesetz betreffend die Gesellschaften mit Beschränkter Haftung (German limited liability company act)
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814(2) (2014) (Switz.) ("[A]t least one managing director must be authorized to represent the company."); Bayern et al., supra note 149, at 144 ("Only natural persons--that is, humans--are eligible to be appointed to [the board of a Swiss GmbH]."); LLC Act [section] 6(1) (2013) (Ger.) ("The company must have one or more directors."), [section] 6(2) ("Only a natural person of full legal capacity may be a director."); Bayern et al., supra note 149, at 143 (noting that the statute that "allows only natural persons to act as directors" of a German GmbHG is under constitutional attack); Company Law Art.
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Cash pooling under the revised German Private Limited Companies Act (GmbHG), German Law Journal 9(9): 1155-1176.