GMBOGiggling My Butt Off
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And before leaving the overview of GMBO, it is worth noting that the women and men who work there (186 hourly, 64 salaried) are not wholly unfamiliar with advanced powertrain technology: the Hybrid Two-Mode transmission that is used in GM pickups and SUVs is produced at that plant, too.
A key reason why they're building the Spark EV motor at GMBO is because they want to have the necessary understanding of what it takes to build a motor: When they go out to the supply base, they're speaking from a position of first-hand understanding.
“Today, in response to the launch of “Get Malaysian Business Online” (GMBO) business grant initiated by Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC), companies can obtain up to RM1, 000 incentive on setting up an online presence.”
“Businesses can use the GMBO's business grant to offset their online startup costs with "Instant Website Bundle" to own a website, a business domain and emails accounts at zero cost,” explains Chan.