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GMCSGround Maneuver Camera System (Boeing 777-300)
GMCSGeneral Manager, Corporate Services
GMCSGeneral Monitor and Control System
GMCSGAMES Master Control Station (GAMES = GPS Anomalies Monitoring Equipment System)
GMCSGunner's Mate, Senior Chief (USN Rating)
GMCSGeneral Management Consulting Services, Inc. (Berkley Heights, NJ)
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Strong vehicles are producing strong sales results in the UAE, with GMC posting a 24 per cent growth in sales in the first quarter compared to the same period last year.
The GMC Yukon and its high-trim spec version, the luxurious Yukon Denali, continue to be a perennial favourite of UAE drivers.
The peak GMC for HEPLISAV was 233 mIU/mL at Week 24, and was 89 mIU/mL for Engerix-B at Week 28.
The GMC in the HEPLISAV group decreased from a peak of 233 mIU/mL at Week 24 to 151 mIU/mL at Week 52.
Part of each GMC visit involved interaction with the entire group, and part involved a private consultation with the internist or pharmacist.
After 6 months, mean systolic blood pressure was 5.7 mm Hg lower in the GMC group than the usual care group, a significant difference.
Since November 2002, Dr Myhill says she has lived in fear of having her career torn to shreds as part of a probe into her practices by the GMC, launched after five doctors complained about her style of work.
Dr Myhill, 49, was facing a 13-day GMC hearing next February into claims that she: