GMDBGuaranteed Minimum Death Benefit (insurance)
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For convenience, we first consider GMMB and GMDB with a constant guarantee K.
Because the payoff structure of the GMDB is between an American and a European option and is triggered by death, Milevsky and Posner (2001) name it a "Titanic option.
American General Life ContinUL Extend Plus GMDB GLPT, CVAT was used
Two of the main types of risk affecting the VA with ratchet GMDB are the mortality risk and the market risk.
West Coast Life ModLife UL GMDB Maximum issue age is 70
A particular worry is that individual policyholders will choose to transfer their money from the variable account to the fixed account when the GMDB is in-the-money and thereby lock in a positive GMDB for a substantial period into the future.
Policy & Design Company Objective Code (NEW) Acacia Life (UNIFI co) Excel LifeValue UL F/G American General Life continUL Extend Plus GMDB American General Life Elite UL F/G Aviva Life and Annuity Co.
In other words, the No Arbitrage value of the GMDB is equal to the price of a suitably parameterized put option, designed with a stochastic time horizon.
Excel LifeValue UL F/G Allianz Life of North America GenDex Foundation F/G American General Life ContinUL Extend GMDB American General Life Elite UL F/G Aviva Life and Annuity Co.
This operates very much like a variable annuity GMDB.
Flexible Death Benefit Guarantee to Lifetime; Low Premium to Endow; GMDB Automatic Adjustment Feature; Rolling Targets; GMDB Rider; No Tobacco Use Incentive