GMDNGlobal Medical Device Nomenclature
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The ARTG database is publically available and GMDN codes are required for the ARTG listings.
UDI also magnifies the importance of the GMDN codes, and signifies its arrival as the global system to be used for medical device nomenclature.
One element required for Eudamed's success is a translation of the GMDN codes and terms into the more than 20 different languages of the European Union.
To address this issue, the European Commission has prioritized translations of GMDN codes and terms.
According to the GMDN Agency, GMDN codes are used to assign each medical device or IVD with "...a single naming system that will support patient safety.
In addition, as defined by the GMDN Agency, preferred terms are those that "describe devices having the same or similar intended use or commonality of technology [and are] the only terms by which medical devices can be classified."
Currently, the GMDN terms cover mostly medical devices.
When William Shakespeare wrote that line for Juliet, and she expressed to Romeo that names were meaningless and artificial conventions, they certainly were not referring to the emphasis being placed on the GMDN. It has become apparent that one of the barriers to marketing in Europe may become the GMDN codes, if the codes become a requirement for national registration without easy access to them and a transparent process to develop new codes.