GMEIGreater Middle East Initiative
GMEIGraduate Medical Education, Inc. (East Lansing, MI)
GMEIGulf of Mexico Estuarine Inventory (study)
GMEIGroupe de Météorologie Expérimentale et Instrumentale
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For the same period, RapidLEI's 135% growth compares to 12% for Bloomberg, 2% for DTCC (GMEI Utility) and 2% for the London Stock Exchange.
economics, education, politics, and women's empowerment in the region, while GMEI included mainly three areas of reform: promoting democracy and good governance, providing economic opportunities, and developing knowledge-based societies.
The GMEI was based on the idea that the pool of disenfranchised individuals in the Middle East threatens the G-8 by providing a base of recruits to terrorist organizations and fostering instability.
In February 2004, shortly after President Bush made an early announcement of the Middle East Partnership Initiative - or Greater Middle East Initiative (GMEI) - in his State of the Union address, Ben Ali paid a visit to the White House and offered assistance.
Bush's "Greater Middle East Initiative" (GMEI) to democratise this part of the world angered Arab rulers in February 2004 as leaks of the plan were published by the media.
Another European analyst said that he had become politically confused when he heard about the new dialogue initiatives launched in Washington recently, including the Bush administration's Forward Strategy for Freedom and the Greater Middle East Initiative (GMEI).
On the US Greater Middle East Initiative (GMEI) to democratise the region's countries, Assad says: "We are all (states of the region) being pressed on the issue and constantly.
This is definitely not Washington's Greater Middle East Initiative (GMEI).
The major items on the summit's agenda included two longstanding Arab concerns--the Palestinian predicament under Israeli occupation and the stalled peace process--as well as two newer ones imposed on Arab countries by US policy: The occupation of Iraq and the American-proposed Greater Middle East Initiative (GMEI) to bring democracy and development to the region.
The issue was the Greater Middle East Initiative (GMEI) to democratise a region stretching from Turkey to the Indian Ocean and from Central Asia to the Atlantic, which was presented by US President George W.
During 1968-69 a large-scale survey was undertaken to catalogue the hydrological and biological characteristics of Mississippi's estuaries [Gulf of Mexico Estuarine Inventory and Study (GMEI)].
However, the improvements in technical efficiency result in an increase in collective welfare represented by the lighter oblong GMEI, where producers obtain an increase in wealth of HLEI (representing revenue exceeding price for each unit from 0 to Q2).