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Gmel., Nicotiana tomentosa Ruiz & Pav., and Ranunculus sp., in combination with Escallonia sp.
There were 3 kinds of floating-leaved plants in the Poyang Lake, of which the most important and wide distribution was Nymphoides peltatum (Gmel.) O.
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Gmel "Una de gato", al efecto de la luz em bosques sencundarios dentro del bosque nacional Alexander Von Humboldt, Pucallpa, Peru.
Massal, Lobaria amplissima (scop.) Forsell., Parmelia caperata (L.)Ach., Physcia adscendens(Fr.)H.Olivier,Physcia aipolia (Humb.)Funrh.,Physcia biziana(A.Massal.)Zahlbr., Physcia semipinnata (Gmel.)Moberg., Physcia tenella(Scop.)DC., Ramalina lacera (With.)Laundon, Ramalina panizzei De Not., Ramalinapollinaria (Westr.)Ach.
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Here, heavy drinking is more common than the typically frequent consumption of low quantities of alcohol found in the Mediterranean countries (Kuntsche, Rehm, & Gmel, 2004).