GMERGreen Mountain Energy Resources
GMERGlobal Minimum Essential Requirement (medical education)
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Having obliterated the last viable and potential nuclear threat to Israel in the GMER, President Trump could then start his Election 2020 Campaign from a very strong platform; claim victory for the US and global nuclear non-proliferation efforts and emerge as a benefactor and savior of Israel!
Your magazine's unbridled support for GMER is a complete shock to me.
Furthermore, GMER asks its customers to pay a premium so that it can build wind generators, money that would be better spent supporting existing renewables.
The centre of gravity of US' vital national interests in the GMER is Israel, its bridgehead into the fossil fuels rich region.
Surprisingly, or not so much, the ISIS, a major, ruthless and most violent terrorist group in the Levant, which has never really threatened Israel or US interests in the GMER, is now ominously relocating to Afghanistan and South Asia having completed its assigned gruesome role there!
Post Arab Spring, the GMER reeks of war, mass migrations, death and destruction.
US' policy for the GMER exploited the age-old colonial principle of 'divide and rule'.
The geopolitical dimension: First, is to 'circumscribe Iranian sphere of influence in the GMER' and foreclose all viable challenges to Israel, KSA and to its own interests.
Is the GMER getting rapidly destabilised by all this strategic posturing and counter measures thereto?