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Supplementary Table 2: absolute numbers of gMFI for CD13 and CD44 expression in [CD34.sup.+] cells from CB or mPB after incubation for 24 hours in the presence/absence of 528 inflammatory stimuli.
(c-d) Box-plot graphs with fold change of gMFI for CD13 and CD44 expression in [CD34.sup.+] cells after treatment with different combinations of inflammatory cytokines.
No difference in the expression of CD66b on the surface of neutrophils was found between the septic patients and healthy volunteers (median GMFI = 102.00, range = 33.00-476.00, and median GMFI = 95.25, range=10.90-2457.00, respectively, P = 0.769).
Additionally, no differences were observed for the nonsurvivors between samples at admission (D0; median GMFI=68.15, range = 54.00-241.00) and follow-up (median GMFI = 73.65, range = 30.60-183.00; P = 0.646).
Expression of TLR2 on the surface of the neutrophils of surviving patients was significantly lower at D7 compared to that at D0 (P = 0.001; Figure 3A), while TLR2 expression on monocytes did not change in these patients (median GMFI = 26.86, range = 6.64-135.60; median GMFI=23.90, range = 6.37-72.34; D0 and D7, respectively; P = 0.127).
The expression of CD66b on the surface of neutrophils from survivors (median GMFI=84.70, range = 45.90-476.00; median GMFI = 78.90, range = 19.60-261.00; D0 and D7, respectively) and nonsurvivors (median GMFI = 136.50, range = 33.00-241.00; median GMFI= 57.95, range = 48.90-136.00; D0 and D7, respectively) did not change between D0 and D7 (P = 0.498 and P = 0.139, respectively, for survivors and nonsurvivors).
Receptor expression was analyzed in histograms and reported as the geometric mean fluorescence intensity (GMFI): CD14 (A), TLR2 (B), TLR4 (C), TLR5 (D), TLR9 (E), and CD11b (F).
INT (cognitively intact patients; n = 42) and AD (patients with probable Alzheimer's disease; n = 23); GMFI: geometric mean fluorescence intensity; % URQ: percentage of events in the upper right quadrant.
-- The Family Tax Credit (formerly GMFI) is available to sole parents who work at least 20 hours a week and to couples who work at least 30 hours a week in total.