GMFRGeometric Mean Fold Rise
GMFRGeneral Multiple Failure Rate
GMFRGeometric Mean Functional Relationship (biometrics)
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Geometric mean fold rises (GMFRs) in antibody concentration from after dose 2 to after dose 3 of the infant series, and from after dose 3 of the infant series to after the toddler dose, were summarized by geometric means and 95% CIs, also computed using the logarithmically transformed assay results.
IgG GMC GMFRs were 0.88-6.13 after dose 3 of the infant series (dose 3/dose 2) and 1.14-3.08 after the toddler dose (toddler dose/dose 3) (Table 3).
The GMFR has now raised a total pounds 1,240,570 for good causes since it started in 2003.