GMHTGenetically Modified Herbicide Tolerant
GMHTGermantown Mennonite Historic Trust (Philadelphia, PA)
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Fibroblast growth factor-2 (FGF2), FGF10, and vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) in combination with GMT or GMHT in MEFs and mouse tail-tip fibroblasts showed an increase in the number of iCMs that spontaneously contract [32].
used a combination of GMHT, miRNA-1, miRNA-133, miRNA-208, miRNA-499, Y-27632, and A83-01 in MEFs and mouse adult fibroblasts to achieve ~60% cardiac troponin T+ and 60% a-actinin+ iCMs [29].
Greenpeace Australia Pacific and the Network of Concerned Farmers, a rural ally of Greenpeace, also claims GMHT canolas would offer no yield advantage over today's herbicide-tolerant, non-GM TT and Clearfield (5) cultivars.
But in 2005, Bayer conducted small demonstration strip trials of advanced experimental lines of GMHT canola in Victoria and South Australia.
In a 2004 experiment, CRC researcher Dr Mary Rieger found that hybridisation with wild radish is very rare--among 53 million seedlings raised from GMHT canola, she found only two resistant hybrids.
The vigorous seedling growth of Bayer's hybrid GMHT canolas on the other hand makes them more competitive against weeds, and shortens the interval to harvest--traits that reduce their exposure to heat and drought at the end of the growing season.
A decision whether to sanction GMHT maize is expected within weeks.
In particular, the Committee calls for further research into GMHT maize in light of the EU's decision to phase out the herbicide Atrazine by 2006.