GMICGlobal Mobile Internet Conference (various locations)
GMICGreen Meeting Industry Council (Chicago, IL)
GMICGlass Manufacturing Industry Council
GMICGolf Management Institute of Canada (Oakville, CA)
GMICGrange Mutual Insurance Company
GMICGamow Memorial International Conference (cosmology)
GMICGreek Music Information Center (est. 1998; Athens, Greece)
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"Honghu 818" Intelligent Chipset - Empowering HONOR Vision with Smart Sound and ImageDuring GMIC, HONOR also unveiled the intelligent display chipset, "Honghu 818", HONOR's latest "Sharp Tech" innovation and the most recent addition to the Hisilicon chipset family.
As previously indicated, the GMIC is comprised of six components (i.e., variables), four of which were examined in their study: (1) teachers (content knowledge, experience and expertise, temperament, intelligence); (2) teachers 'verbal and nonverbal behaviors (the way teachers communicate to students; presumed to stimulate/impact students' minds); (3) students (personality, intelligence, prior learning, cultural background and influences); (4) students' perceptions of the teacher (perceptions/evaluations of teachers' verbal and nonverbal behaviors); (5) instructional outcomes (cognitive, affective, and/or psychomotor learning; and (6) the instructional environment (institutional culture, nature of classroom, class size, and relevant transitory factors).
The ability of polymer molecule to form micelle decreases withincrease of hydrophilicity.The thermodynamic parameters of micellization, like Gmic, Hmic and Smic for these two triblock copolymers, were calculated and are given in Table-1.
AGO spokesman Basir Azizi told a joint press conference with Government Media and Information Center (GMIC) director, Sifatullah Safi, that every action that created unease in the public mind was a crime.
Houston, TX, October 22, 2013 --( zGames, a multi-platform provider of custom infotainment mobile applications and games for all ages, announce today that the new game title - Fright Fight - a 3-D online multiplayer brawl game - developed in partnership with APPSolute Games has been selected as the Top 20 for Global Game Stars Competition at GMIC Silicon Valley.
Otros organos destacados en el correcto funcionamiento de los medios son el Ministerio de Informacion y Cultura (MoIC) encargado de dar licencias a las radios y televisiones y gestionar los medios publicos y el Media and Information Center (GMIC) (6).
We also confirmed that adding vinblastine to GMIC led to disorganization of the microtubule network and cell death.
Countries where Xiaomi can succeed need to have well-developed social networking and e-commerce platforms, Lei said through an interpreter during a press conference at GMIC. The growing adoption of smartphones has driven Xiaomi's success and will be the biggest trend in mobile over the next year, Lei predicted.
New Sustainability Hub In addition, the corporate responsibility centre now becomes the Sustainability Hub -- powered by GMIC (Green Meeting Industry Council).
Isolates were most resistant to Clindamycin, Spectinomycin, and Penicillin, having a average GMIC rage of 106.33--128.0 [micro]g/ml and a EC range of 64-79.65 Eighteen percent of the isolates tested presented the KMT gene.
Mendoza (GMIC); Otanche, 1 [masculinidad] sin fecha de colecta ni colector (MSL - 1858); Chita, 1 [masculinidad], 20.II.1993, L.