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In a departure from most other search services, GMID is accent sensitive, meaning you must OR-together the accented and unaccented versions of a word
GMID's example is the company Estee OR Estee Lauder.
Even if you're not a GMID subscriber, there's a very nice set of links to many free Web-based information sources at Euromonitor's home page.
Where GMID really shines is in its post-processing functionality; this is where its capabilities in regards to dynamic data kick in.
GMID's implementation of dynamic data presentation gives an inkling of the potential of next generation searching.
Its GMID (Global Market Information Database) interface presents dynamic data that can be easily searched, either through a menu or using free-text search techniques.
GMID stands somewhat apart from other aggregators with the exclusive Euromonitor content, but its significant distinctions are its interface, in particular, its data-analysis tools.
GMID's interface works better after the search, with its multiple options for modifying searches, outputting data, and analyzing results.
GMID's analytical tools, which include sets for statistics and companies, are so powerful that simply calling the service a "database" doesn't do justice to its utility as a business and economic research instrument.
With its analytical tools and breadth and depth of data, GMID is something more than a large collection of market research reports.
In spite of all these advantages, GMID is not a one-stop shop for market research.
GMID offers another important advance with its subscription pricing.