GMIIGigabit Media Independent Interface
GMIIGriya Musik Irama Indah (Indonesian: Beautiful Rhythm Music Griya; Indonesia)
GMIIGeosciences Management Institute, Inc. (Nevada)
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FIGURE 3 NATIONAL STRATEGY FOR MARITIME SECURITY SUPPORTING PLANS * National plan to achieve Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA) * Global Maritime Intelligence Integration (GMII) * Maritime Operational Threat Response (MOTR) * International Outreach and Coordination Strategy * Maritime Infrastructure Recovery * Maritime Transportation System Security * Maritime Commerce Security * Domestic Outreach
Ideally suited for L2 to L4 switch design, the IEEE 802.3-compliant DP83864 interfaces directly to the media access controller (MAC) layer through either a MII, GMII, RGMII, or SGMII interface.
The high density S/UNI-2xGE connects directly to optical modules, offers a standard Gigabit Media Independent Interface (GMII) and operates at low power levels.
To meet more effectively the urgent demand for maritime domain intelligence integration and distribution, the president further tasked the involved agencies to prepare the document that became the Plan for Global Maritime Intelligence Integration (or GMII Plan).
National's DP83016 interfaces directly to the National's PHY solutions (the DP83864 Quad GigPHYTER) layer through the IEEE 802.3 Standard Media Independent Interface (MII), the IEEE 802.3ab Gigabit Media Independent Interface (GMII), reduced Gigabit GMII (RGMII) interface, ten bit interface (TBI) as well as Reduced Ten Bit Interface (RTBI).
Additional features include an integrated 1.25 Gbps SERDES channel to support fiber connections and high-speed serial MAC interfaces; support for the popular MAC interfaces (MII, GMII, RGMII, SGMII, TBI, RTBI and SERDES), providing flexibility to connect to different companion chips, and an advanced cable diagnostics function identifies poor quality cable, cable length and location of breaks.
This device interfaces directly to the media access controller (MAC) layer through the IEEE 802.3u Standard Media Independent Interface (MII) of the IEEE 802.3u Gigabit Media Independent Interface (GMII).