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At the final phase of the procedure, SH-CL (Balafilcon A material) was inserted on cornea in Group-1 (29 patients) and another type of CL (Polymer based on GMMA [Hioxifilcon A] material) was inserted on cornea in Group-2 (31 patients).
(15.) "AFL Economic Committee Report, National Defense, 1954," 62/17, Meany Papers, GMMA.
Residents of San Mateo, Rizal performed the duck, cover and hold right after hearing a loud 60-second siren signaling a magnitude 7.2 earthquake generated from the West Valley Fault affecting the Greater Metro Manila Area (GMMA).
Ethical permission of the study was obtained from Ethics Committee of Gulhane Military Medical Academy (GMMA).
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President Duterte has created an office that would ensure the resiliency and preparedness of the greater Metro Manila area (GMMA) in case a major earthquake strike the region.
Required ethical permissions of the study have been obtained from Ethics Committee of Gulhane Military Medical Academy (GMMA).
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