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GMNGlobal Metro Network
GMNGlobal Music Network
GMNGlobal Marketing Network (various locations)
GMNGlobal Malaysians Network
GMNGeneralized Mersenne Number (mathematics)
GMNGrant Managers Network (website)
GMNGM Nameplate, Inc.
GMNGlobal Maintenance Network
GMNGaussian Mixture Noise
GMNGreat Male Narcissist
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La GMN rapidamente progresiva (GMN RP) es un sindrome clinico caracterizado por signos de GMN (hematuria, proteinuria y cilindros eritrocitarios) y deterioro rapido de la funcion renal, que puede llevar a insuficiencia renal terminal dentro de dias a semanas.
GMN Whitnon Spindle Div, Farmington, CT, circle 216.
The five-minute long video, which was part of GMN's Project Anak Malaysia 2019, connects up to 1,500 students and teachers from Sarawak, Sabah, Kedah, Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Melaka, Johor, Negri Sembilan and Terengganu.
Nidal Hashem, who runs GMN, told The Daily Star that he had heard complaints about Tilaye's work conditions from her sister and had contacted both the Labor Ministry and the syndicate of domestic worker agencies to attempt to find a solution.
Early PET studies concentrated on quantitative imaging of resting-state blood flow and metabolism [2, 5], whereas later PET and then fMRI studies used tools with some form of global mean normalization (GMN), most notably statistical parametric mapping (SPM), or the Scaled Subprofile Model of principal component analysis (SSM-PCA), to obtain regional differences among control and metabolically/functionally perturbed states.
Complimenting the DPN offering is Telstra's Global Media Network (GMN), which provides broadcasters and content creators the ability to take their content global by combining Telstra's global network and infrastructure.
En 27 (64.2%) pacientes el resultado de la biopsia fue compatible con membrana basal delgada, 5 (11.9%) con reporte desconocido por ausencia de seguimiento, 3 (7.1%) con nefropatia por IgA, 2 (4.8%) con resultado normal; seguido de cambios inespecificos, glomerulonefritis (GMN) mesangial inespecifica, GMN rapidamente progresiva, y 1 caso de sindrome de Alport.
INTRODUCTION: Acute glomerulonephritis (GMN) results from either the primary renal disease or secondary to the systemic illnesses.