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Agriculture PS Hamadi Boga announced last month that talks were in top gear within the government to lift the ban on GMOs effected in 2012.He noted that lifting of the ban would permit farmers to commercially grow the improved crops."The discussion has been going on and most of the things have crystallised by now.
Hartman Group 'Shunning GMOs. Consumer Worries Over GMOs Have Tripled Since 2007',
One may ask: What is the so-called GMOs? Simply, plants or animals whose DNA have been altered are known as genetically modified organisms (GMOs).
The association said the vaccines and GMOs are safe.
Nashiru recounted how his outfit visited Burkina Faso with some Ghana Members of Parliament to familiarise themselves with the adoption of GMOs in that country and how it was being implemented.
So why has Europe essentially banned GMOs? Why do many American food companies treat them like toxins?
The study concluded, that while the science of GMOs is relatively new, there are no significant human health or environmental threats posed as a result of GMOs.
Minister of Agricultural Development and Food Security, Mr Patrick Ralotsia said the law as it is now is silent on the production of GMOs and until the Biodiversity Act is enacted by Parliament, there is very little that can be done to regulate the handling of GMO products.
The scientists said that GMOs having passed through environmental assessment, health and animal health assessments by professionals, the public should disregard any fears raised by some who does not support the technology.
Almost 10 years have passed since the discussion first started at the EU level concerning the new techniques of GMOs, the potential risks they pose and their legal status.
We were very careful to state that we do not support rampant use of GMOs; we just don't have any proof that we could find that the food itself is more dangerous.