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GMPLSGeneralized Multi-Protocol Label Switching
GMPLSGeneralized Multi Protocol Label Switching
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Signalling controllers are identified by the Internet Protocol (IP) addresses; hence, control plane in GMPLS network is in fact an IP network.
Here, [P.sup.HOS.sub.CL] is the sum of the power consumed by the GMPLS module, the HOS control plane, and the switch control unit.
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In addition to ADSL broadband packages Lightspeed Communications also provides an elaborate portfolio of corporate services to the large enterprise market offering local data services such as leased lines, AVPN, MPLS, microwave and dedicated internet connections alongside international data connections over GMPLS through its partnership with Orange Business Services.
OSS agreements complement Batelco's range of International connectivity services such as IPLC (international private leased circuits) and GMPLS (global-MPLS).
"The one-stop-shop agreements are a value-added service that benefits customers with international connectivity like IPLC and GMPLS by offering them a wide global reach to various business hubs around the world in addition to facilitating the process of ordering, billing and fault management," said a top Batelco official.
The scope of cooperation includes the development of cost-optimized 10G, 40G and 100G IP over DWDM solutions with management integration and GMPLS control plane interworking.