GMPRCGrain Marketing and Production Research Center (Kansas State University)
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Thanks to new genomics technology in the hands of ARS researchers at West Lafayette working with GMPRC colleagues, the fly's tactics are starting to be revealed genetically.
For example, the GMPRC greenhouses--where more than 5,000 lines of wheat are screened each year--are sprouting with possibility.
GMPRC researchers originally built the instrument to assess grain kernels' protein content.
In addition, entomologists with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, Ga., heard about GMPRC's tool and wondered if it could help identify mosquito species that carry malaria.
Dowell is in the GMPRC Engineering Research Unit; phone (785) 776-2753, fax (785) 776-2792, e-mail
Hagstrum is based at ARS' Grain Marketing and Production Research Center (GMPRC) in Manhattan, Kansas.