GMQGain Moyen Quotidien (French: Daily Average Gain; animal nutrition)
GMQGrace Machine Quilter
GMQGet Money Quick (band)
GMQGeneral Manager of Quality
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These studies indicate that gamblers scoring higher on instruments for the detection of severity in gambling also score higher, compared to gamblers with moderate or low severity levels, on the three scales of the GMQ (MacLaren et al.
Dechant (2014) evaluated, in a sample of adults who had gambled at some time in the year prior to the study, the functioning of the GMQ incorporating items that assessed financial motives.
Table 2 presents raw scores of locomotor and object control skills, and GMQ data for all the participants.
The result demonstrated that there is a significant difference in score of GMQ, between obese children and their normal weight peers, [F (1, 78) = 544.
The GMQ used in this study was administered as a pretest by email at the first week of the course and pre-service teachers were required to return the questionnaire by an email attachment to the instructor in the same week.
MK score was defined as the sum of the items' scores belonging to the MK in the GMQ.
For example, the GMQ kernel with v < 0 (see Table 1.
Estos trabajos indican que los jugadores con puntuaciones mas altas en instrumentos de deteccion de severidad en los juegos de apuestas presentan, comparados con jugadores con moderada o baja severidad, puntuaciones mas altas en las tres escalas del GMQ (MacLaren et al.
Prior to the beginning of the treatment, GMQ and the first subscale, "Current Feelings about WWW" (CFW), of WBAS were posted to the pre-service teachers by email attachment to be returned in one-week time.
Competing supermarket chains such as Tesco, Asda and Marks & Spencer also are adopting a more comprehensive labeling policy for foods containing GMQ ingredients.