GMRFGaussian Markov Random Field
GMRFGlobal Medical Relief Fund (Staten Island, NY; est. 1997)
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Chellappa, "GMRF models and wavelet decomposition for texture segmentation," in Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Image Processing, pp.
To best demonstrate our concept, we designed a baseline GMRF that was simple to build and provided a narrow resonance that was sufficiently sensitive to the angle of incidence.
A baseline GMRF was designed to operate at normal incidence and resonate the first order diffracted mode (m = [+ or -]1).
The height of the point on the GMRF identified by [phi] above the axis is R sin [phi], where R is the radius of the curved GMRF.
then x is a GMRF with respect to with mean G = (V, [epsilon]) with mean [mu] and precision matrix Q, where
This approach is known as conditional autoregression, and the random vector x is called a Gaussian Markov Random Field (GMRF).
For both convolution and GMRF models, the resulting matrices A and L have Toeplitz-plus-Hankel structure and (assuming a symmetric kernel) can be diagonalized by the discrete cosine transform (DCT).
The effect of different window sizes for GMRF and different feature dimensions for CSF and SMSF on BAs extraction were investigated.
GMRF Features computed with a window size of 15 x 15 pixels has already proven to be suitable for BAs mapping in medium to high resolution SAR images [12].
PR advisor to Austrian Airlines, which provided air travel for children being aided by GMRF. Since then, he has volunteered to assist on GMRF projects and programs.
These regions may be coded separately and, in particular, the textured regions may be more efficiently represented by a texture-synthesis method, such as a GMRF model, as opposed to representing the textured region with many small uniform regions.
It is for this reason that more researchers are representing highly textured regions by texture synthesis techniques such as GMRF. These methods do not gain over the compression ratios obtained using polynomial approximation, but the quality of the reproduced image is claimed to be improved [Kwon and Chellappa 1993].