GMRGGlobal Manufacturing Research Group (Kansas State University; Manhattan, KS)
GMRGGeneral Mechanical Rubber Goods
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Algorithm of the generalized method of a Reduced Gradient (GMRG)
Principal ideas of the generalized method of reduced gradient (GMRG) are discussed and main mathematical relations concerning the reduced gradient (the projection of the control vector) are formulated.
Thereby, GMRG was correspondingly generalised for solution of such Pareto-optimal correction problems.
* first--the application of five basic provisions of GMRG;
In 1990 the GMRG was formed to provide a formal means for including new people, sharing ideas and exchanging insights.
Analysis of GMRG survey data indicates the importance of customer or external factors in production, as explained by cultural differences.
If the improvement of the solution for an one-criterion sub-problem in the complex optimisation, using special mathematical tools for acceleration of the computing process GMRG, is called complex optimal correction of ESS of EPS, the improvement of the solution of multi-objective sub-problems of the complex optimisation using special mathematical tools for acceleration of the computing process [application instead of the gradient of the one implicit function the array of the multi-objective descent or rise (dependent on the minimisation or maximisation of the partners objective functions)], is called complex multiobjective or Pareto-optimal correction of ESS of IPS.
The data from the GMRG third round results included information from 325 manufacturing firms in Canada, Hungary, Italy, Lebanon, Taiwan, and the United States, the initial regions of data collection in this round.
"GMRG Survey Research in Operations Management," International Journal of Operations and Production and Management, (17:7), 1997, pp.