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"Delivery Speed, Timeliness and Satisfaction: Patrons' Perceptions About interlibrary loan Service: Customer Satisfaction in GMRLC Libraries." Journal of Library Administration 23.1/2 (1996): 23-42.
The directors surveyed were selected from the author's personal acquaintances within the ARL, the American Library Association (ALA), the Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries (CARL), and the Greater Midwest Research Libraries Consortium (GMRLC); and participation in the ARL Office of Management Services Consultant Training Program and the University of California, Los Angeles/Council on Library Resources (UCLA/CLR) Senior Fellows program.
Interlibrary Loan Summary % Activity 1995/1996 Requests change Borrowing 38,455 14% Lending 22,415 -6% Turnaround time 76% within 7 days 13% for Books (10,367 books) Turnaround time for 87% within 5 days 2% Articles (21,271 articles) Number of Unique Book 11,353 5% Titles Borrowed Number of Unique Journal 12,479 9% Titles Borrowed Document Delivery Subsidy $77,000 (approx.) n/a * Cost per item (based on $5.85 for Borrowing n/a the cost report of 94/95 $2.81 for Lending prepared for GMRLC) Income from Lending 14,000 (approx.) n/a Turnaround Time for Articles # of days 92/93 93/94 94/95 95/96 1-2 days 47% 49% 54% 56% </td.