GMROIGross Margin Return On Investment (retail)
GMROIGross Margin Return on Inventory
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Unfortunately retailers typically rely on aggregate measures, such as sales per square foot, gross margin, inventory turnover, and GMROI, to plan and evaluate the performance of individual stores and departments within those stores.
In addition to the study, NRHA has created additional resources to help you further evaluate your business and educate your staff on areas including increasing average transaction size, payroll and gross margin return on investment (GMROI).
"Bonne Bell is committed to delivering outstanding sales, profits and GMROI [gross margin return on investment] for our valued retail customers," comments Sumser.
We use a GMROI quadrant analysis to determine whether a subcategory is a `winner,' 'sleeper,' 'traffic generator' or 'loser,' and make plans to move it accordingly," he added.
The first is Gross Margin Return on Inventory Investment (GMROI), the importance of inventory in which is self-explanatory.
Category objectives Toothpaste Current Objectives Category percent of HBC sales 5.22% 5.30% $ sales $12.30 million $12.64 million Gross profit $ $1.66 million $1.52 million Gross margin 13.5% 12.0% Annual turns 12.2 14.5 Days of supply 30 25.2 GMROI 1.90 1.98
By correcting his inventory, he raised his gross margin return on inventory (GMROI) from 132 percent to 148 percent.
"Putting Pepsi and Fritos together in impulse settings," according to Eyberg, "offers an exceptional GMROI for retailers."
She's focused on improving turns and GMROI for Kmart," one vendor said.
We've initiated new performance measures too: GMROI (gross margin return on investment), sales and profit by foot, customer penetration and items bought per customer.
We used metrics such as GMROI, sales and inventory per square foot and inventory turnover, among others, to help us gauge where we should aim with the project.