GMROIGross Margin Return On Investment (retail)
GMROIGross Margin Return on Inventory
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Bonne Bell is committed to delivering outstanding sales, profits and GMROI [gross margin return on investment] for our valued retail customers," comments Sumser.
We use a GMROI quadrant analysis to determine whether a subcategory is a `winner,' 'sleeper,' 'traffic generator' or 'loser,' and make plans to move it accordingly," he added.
GMROI allows managers to evaluate products and departments that have varying gross margins and inventory investment requirements.
Putting Pepsi and Fritos together in impulse settings," according to Eyberg, "offers an exceptional GMROI for retailers.
She's focused on improving turns and GMROI for Kmart," one vendor said.
We've initiated new performance measures too: GMROI (gross margin return on investment), sales and profit by foot, customer penetration and items bought per customer.
GrMAP helps retailers maximize sales and optimize GMROI (gross margin return on investment) by delivering actionable data that enables assortment planning with pinpoint precision to improve in-stocks and reduce markdowns.
Category GMROI (Gross Margin Return on Investment) will increase as inventory investment decreases.
Finally, they should meet the category GMROI criteria as well.
Determine GMROI quadrant analysis to determine whether a subcategory is a "Winner" (high turn, high margin), "Sleeper" (low turn, high margin), "Traffic Generator" (high turn, low margin), or "Loser" (low turn, low margin).