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GMROIIGross Margin Return on Inventory Investment
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While most retailers seem to be aware of the importance of the GMROII measure, we find that all too often the reality of GMROII is not taken into full consideration when decisions are finalized.
With salon-quality implements Bassett has combined its winning formula of value, service and unsurpassed GMROII to help grow the category.
Additionally, learn how GMROII is important for both the debtor as well as the credit manager to understand in today's environment.
Existing premium brands are a drag on GMROII (gross margin return on invested inventory)," Bassett's Trim brand promotion al material claims, "with low turns and below average items,"
This "win/win" collaborative effort, still in its infancy, is designed to improve customers' GMROII and their overall satisfaction with Imation, while increasing Imation's profitable sales through more effective use of inventory.
A focus on historical data answers the "what" questions and can certainly lead to what would traditionally be an efficient assortment based on all types of measures such as dollars, units, margin, GMROII, shares, trends, etc.