GMRSGeneral Mobile Radio Service
GMRSGround Motion Response Spectrum
GMRSGlobal Maritime Recruitment Solutions (UK)
GMRSGeneral Mobilization Reserve Stock
GMRSGround Marker Release System
GMRSGlobal Mobility Readiness Squadron (USAF)
GMRSGaithersburg Model Railroad Society (Maryland)
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We will report an unusual case of a broken femoral component of a GMRS endoprosthesis four years after implantation.
For continuous variables, geometric mean ratios (GMR) and F-test p-values were reported.
After full adjustment, the GMRs (95% CIs) comparing the highest quartile of poultry intake among consumers (> 1.61 g/kg body weight per day) with nonconsumers were 1.12 (95% CI: 1.04, 1.22) for total arsenic and 1.13 (95% CI: 1.06, 1.20) for DMA (Table 2).
a procurement and trade financing consultancy, says that GMRS has carved out a valuable niche by not charging logistics managers for their services.
MSs are based on giant magnetoresistive (GMR) sensors, which are field sensitive devices, and have been conceived to increase the sensitivity of GMR sensors through a flux to field transformer.
Its adjustable frequency tuning circuit not only lets you fine-tune the frequency range, but also enables the use of wireless communication when used with any FRS or GMRS two-way radio that has an external mic port.
Among other tasks, the BOT project involved the construction of a new terminal with a 20 million capacity.vbCrLF GMRs energy ventures have 11 power projects across India and Nepal.
JTRS Manpack and GMRs are designed to complement the Rifleman Radio, extending networking capability (via WNW and SRW) from the command post/vehicle to the squad leader.
It offers range of up to 26 miles and 22 channels in both General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) and Family Radio Service (FRS) with 142 privacy codes.
Over the years I have made a huge fuss about ignorant S6/G6 personnel who have permitted the use of non-secure commercial radios like CBs, Amateur (ham) radios of various kinds, FRS radios, GMRS radios, Business/ civil agency (fire/police) band radios, Garmin Rino type radios, etc for military use.
Both models are ideal for V-SAT, FRS, GMRS and SMR, as well as FWA and other SRW applications.
The internal migration assumptions were formulated in terms of gross migraproduction rates (17) (GMRs).