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GMRTGates-MacGinitie Reading Test
GMRTGiant Meter-wave Radio Telescope
GMRTGlossop Mountain Rescue Team (England)
GMRTGeometric Mean Reciprocal Titer (parasitology)
GMRTGeneral Maintenance and Repair Technician
GMRTGround Mobile Receive Terminal
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Entitled Men Of The Glen, the video has been produced by Londoner Jon Davies, who spent time in the west coast village learning more about the operations and people behind the GMRT.
Students who received CSR instruction approximately once weekly over the school year scored significantly higher on the GMRT than students in a comparison group, with struggling readers making the greatest gains (g = .12 for the overall sample, .36 for struggling readers; p < .05).
The Gates-MacGinitie Reading Test, Fourth Edition (GMRT) (MacGinitie, MacGinitie, Maria, Dreyer, & Hughes, 2006) is a silent paper and pencil, multiple-choice reading test that will reveal each subject's actual reading level.
Students (n=2I) who performed more than two years below grade level on the initial GMRT comprehension assessment were also given small group after-school instruction by the classroom teacher or reading instructor beginning in mid-October.
The GMRT images confirmed this second pair, but showed another, smaller pair close to the galaxy, presumably produced by the most-recently ejected jet particles.
Students in the CTE Reading framework and students in the MAX Teaching framework had statistically higher gains in total GMRT scores than students in the control condition.
George concluded by showing some early results of his team's research using the GMRT at 150MHz.
In terms of the GMRT, students who tutored outperformed a group of comparison students in both the vocabulary subsection (t.= 7.21, p<.01) and the comprehension subsection (t = 6.04, p<.01).
The exception is the Group Mental Rotations Test (GMRT) (Vandenberg & Kuse, 1978), an objective measure which yields "correct" and "incorrect" answers.
Bruce Shaw has generously donated the PS700 he raised from the challenge to help the Glencoe Mountain Rescue Team (GMRT).
They followed up with TNT, ANTARES, The Australian Telescope, Swift, Chandra, Magellan, the Dark Energy Camera, GMRT, Lovell, the VLA, and they see nothing.